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  • Are you overwhelmed with the choices available to you?
  • Are you feeling lost, lonely, stressed or anxious?
  • Are you sitting on life-altering decisions because of fear of the unknown?
  • Are you avoiding the positive because the negative is more comforting?
That’s where I step in. I will help you gain clarity around what you want, avoid pitfalls along the way and lay a solid foundation for all future happiness!
If you are feeling dissatisfied in your career check out my online program Find a Career You Love Before 30  to give you confidence and clear direction to move forward. 
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"Chelsea has been able to really help me understand me & what I value most. "

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"Six months after 'Find a Career you love before 30' I am living my dream career."

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"As soon as I started working with Chelsea I felt more peace within myself and slowly gained clarity about the things I was ‘meant’ to be doing."