Chelsea Life Coaching


Hi, I am Chelsea and I am so glad you found me! My coaching journey began as a teenager, when I volunteered with my faith group. We travelled to India and Bangladesh and worked with young people in very challenging circumstances, helping them create their own story of success.

These experiences were so inspiring that I went on to complete my Social Work degree. I worked with women prisoners, helping them move on from past mistakes. Six years after university, there I was – dream job, following my passions, and a great lifestyle. Or so it seemed. 

Externally everything was perfect, but internally I was miserable. I doubted my life choices and kept feeling that something was missing. I couldn’t quite put a finger on the problem – but there seemed to be a gaping void. An inner darkness that sucked in my happiness, filled me with anxiety and affected my work and my relationships. I had a classic case of quarter life crisis – on the threshold of adulthood, unsure of where life was taking me; I was lost, scared and lonely.

So what did I do? Something rather drastic. I quit my job, packed my things and went travelling for 18 months. And no – I wasn’t doing guided tours in posh hotels. Instead, I went hiking through the jungles of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Georgia, Armenia, Greece and Turkey. Sleeping in a tent, in rawness of nature, completely out of my comfort zone – I rediscovered myself.

When I tested myself, pushing through self-conceived limitations, I was able to conquer the darkness within. Overcoming my fears helped me reduce stress, build fulfilling relationships and become comfortable with myself. Self-love and self-satisfaction bought happiness and peace of mind.

Chelsea Career-Coaching

Now, I want to share my journey with you. I have been where you are – unsure, unhappy and plagued with self-doubt. But let me assure you – you do not have to be alone.  I am here to help you find yourself. In my decade long career, empowering numerous women like you – I can guarantee one thing – You can do it. 

If you are feeling dissatisfied in your career check out my online program Find a Career You Love Before 30  to give you confidence and clear direction to move forward.