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I am constantly blown away by the grit, determination and commitment to greater job and life satisfaction by those who have embarked on the ‘Find a Career You Love Before 30’ coaching journey. I could tell you how much they have achieved and how much hard work they have put into changing their careers, getting job promotions and starting their businesses. But I’ll let them tell you their story.


One year ago I was lost and confused about what I wanted to do with my life, and where I was going. Even though I knew that I was young and had time to ‘figure it all out’, I hated that I couldn’t make up my mind about anything. I had tried several things – freelancing, starting personal projects, working in sales and marketing. However nothing seemed ‘right’.

Finally, after another one of those mini mental breakdowns I decided that enough was enough and I began to look for a life coach.

I found Chelsea, and resonated with her message and energy. Initially I questioned whether I was too young to hire a ‘life coach’ (at 20), but it felt like the right thing to do.

As soon as I started working with Chelsea I felt more peace within myself and slowly gained clarity about the things I was ‘meant’ to be doing. I also found the courage to admit to myself that the things I was currently doing weren’t making me happy. At the end of last year, after figuring out my values with Chelsea, and reading the book ‘Mastery’  I decided that I wanted to study something. This wasn’t a plan before but again, it felt right so I followed that feeling. Low and behold a week later I found a university that was the right fit. It combines project based learning with tech and it’s in Europe, and in English!

The only thing I needed to do was move to Berlin…

Since I hadn’t lived in Germany since I was 11 years old, this was definitely going to be an adventure. But I decided to go for it.

Now 1 year later I live in Germany and am in my 4th month of uni. I’m loving my university, am surrounded by like minded people daily, live in a nice apartment and have found a job I love. I finally feel like my life has direction and clarity, and I know that I am on the right path.

Making the decision to work with Chelsea was a big part of that and I’m forever grateful for her encouragement and support on this journey.


The goals set at the beginning of the year vs. what I’ve achieved are vastly different however I’m thrilled with my progress & outcomes!

Working with Chelsea overall enables a level of accountability to myself I’ve never been able to achieve before on my own or through professional ‘mentors’. Chelsea has been able to really help me understand me & what I value most. Prior to working with Chelsea, unbeknownst to me, my goals were materialistic & inauthentic which lead to countless failed attempts to ‘live my best life’. As you can imagine this continuous unhealthy loop bleed into all areas of my life.

Today I have a healthy work/life balance & really understand what makes me happy. Importantly I now understand what I give & get from relationships, romantic & platonic. This enables me to enrich the time I spend with those closest to me & CTB or noise that can sometimes de-rails us; actions speak louder than words!

Peaks & troughs… deeper, longer, tougher troughs than I could have ever imagined have been posed over the last year & I could not imagine tackling everything without Chelsea!


For 10 years I had been in the same industry and although I had made significant career progression I felt that it was no longer the right career path for me.

Chelsea’s program helped me identify what it was that I value the most. It was from working with Chelsea that I realised that my values did not align with my current employer, why I had no job satisfaction and what values I would want future employers to posses.

Understanding my values and how I want my values to align with my employer was a huge advantage when I interviewed for my now current job, which I love. The third stage interview I was interviewed by the CEO of the business and we both identified that our values aligned. Six months later I am living my dream career.

I have changed industries, learning something new every day, expanded my skills, work closely with all the business partners and head our overseas division, which allows me to travel internationally, which all align with my top five values.

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Thank you to my many beautiful client’s who have made this year one of the best of my life! The results you have achieved (both personally and professionally) have inspired those around you to dream big and take action to find a fulfilling and satisfying career. Thank you for investing in your personal development journey and being an example of what is possible.

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If these stories have made you think about changing into a more satisfying career, I invite you to check out my online program ‘Find a Career You Love Before 30’  to give you confidence and clear direction to move forward.

You may have been feeling unhappy in your career for some time but not sure how to change career, or what you would change into that will give you that satisfaction you are looking for.